Makueni County joined the rest of the World to celebrate International Women’s Day. The event, which was held at Mboson Women grounds in Nthongoni market which is in Kibwezi East Sub County, was attended by all the women leaders in Makueni Government and graced by the Depute Governor, Her. E Adelinah Mwau.

Makueni County is one of few counties in Kenya that respects the third gender rule in the new constitution of 2010. The county is also known for its successful public participation in all issues of development and governance, which is the main objective of Rural Connect Network.

The celebrations came when cases of domestic violence and sexual child abuse had been very high in recent days in the country. The most serious of the cases being that of a lady from this county, whose two hands and one legs where chopped off by her husband out of family conflict. Most of the speeches were directed on how to live in harmony with the opposite sex, as well as in relationships. The lady who was present in the event was promised alternative hands by the Depute Governor.

The Depute Speaker of the County Assembly Mr. Harrison Mutie who was also the host, for he is the area Member of County Assembly was in attendance with all the female members of the Assembly. In his speech, Mr. Mutie assured the community that he make sure the Assembly will make laws which will handle all cases of Women and child abuse.

This year’s theme “pressing for Progress” could only be achieved through learning from one another through sharing. The Deputy Governor in her speech encouraged sharing or else reporting all cases of child abuse and domestic violence to anyone who can assist the victims to get justice, and Rural Connect Network team who were in attendance are working to make this achievable to all, including the most disadvantaged.