Dear Visitors,

This is the official website for Rural Connect Network Organization. It is an open forum for all of you.

Rural Connect Network (RCN) is non-profit making organization, non political and non partisan. RCN is registered by the registrar of non-governmental organizations under the NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS CO-ORDINATION ACT 1990 Section 7 (b) as a National NGO. Our main office is at Nthongoni Market, 15 kilometers from Mtito Andei Town in Makueni County.

Rural Connect Network (NGO) aim is to make the rural communities of Kenya a globally competitive and prosperous community, by creating an enabling environment that encourages and enhances the development, expansion and use of Information Communications Technologies (ICTs).

Our target is to connect at least 500,000 low-income entrepreneurs, farmers and CHW-Community Health Workers in rural Communities in each of the counties we are operating, in one on/offline network for the purpose of learning all they need and sharing all the knowledge they have to create sustainable local businesses, farming practices and health management in this internet era.

It’ll also be the mandate of Rural Connect Network, on behalf of the Count Governments to reverse the economic health of the rural communities, which has suffered steady decline since independence due to Family farms, which forms the economic base supporting large numbers of rural inhabitants, having been almost evacuated due to lack of adequate rains, knowledge and markets.

Moreover, since independence rural communities has lost most of its ability to produce enough and sustainable food for its people as a result of, many thousands of individuals — particularly our young people moving to cities to seek jobs, not only depopulating and further impoverishing rural communities, but contributing to the growing pool of urban unemployed, and lead to high levels of poverty and insecurity.

Unfortunately, many small entrepreneurs, Farmers and Community Health Workers cannot afford either the training or equipment needed to participate in the rewards of the New Information Revolution (and some of them don’t even understand the potential in it, while others have ill-thoughts about it).

Rural Connect Network was designed explicitly to address this lack of parity, and help level the communications playing field, by setting a network of mobile field coordinator and media coordinator, who will help even the illiterate to communicate.

I appreciate your consideration to visit this site for more updates on what is happening in our rural communities and your support. We welcome your ideas, comments and contributions.


Executive Director
Dominic Mutua Maweu.