Progress in todays digital era depends widely on the involvement of all individuals, including people with disability in the rural areas, in all activities of development. Internet has far-reaching implications for the availability of information for learning and sharing.

The need for the rural communities to be directly involved in every step to improve their quality of life and to build community-based platforms to address a variety of social issues, including urban growth, rural flight, economic growth sustainability, inequality, and public health to name but a few, is very key in development.

Rural Connect Networks main aim is to prove to the world that, this technological revolution can be more useful to the illiterate and the most disadvantaged for social and economical development, than it is with the elite. Mostly African women and people with disability, who surfers most out of the effects of poverty, human rights and climate change, will be the main actors in this project.

Furthermore, climate change and recurring global economic, political, food and energy crises can quickly weaken or reverse achievements made in poverty reduction and human development if only the most affected (The Rural Communities and mostly, women and people with disability) will not be directly involved. The unique part with our organization is the way we integrate all the relevant IT tools to solve this problem of inclusivity in development.


# We take the opportunity of existing time frame of the groups of Youths, Women, Men, People Living with Disabilities, Self help groups and Community Based Organizations, to empower them on how to use internet learn/share information among themselves.

# RCN has developed an online media center where all the above mentioned organized groups can chat way forward, based on what they share and learn offline. Our field coordinators will moderate the group members to produce pre-recorded Radio programs for the local Radio stations.

# We work with the rural communities to integrate the use of internet, Streamline Media and social networks in community education on civic and other developmental issues. We connect the local Journalists with the groups for news articles and pre-recorded educative programs for their media station to broadcast for free.

# RCN partners the rural public Schools, educational / information centers and other community institutions to be used as cyber centers for the Parents and the community around.

# We have plans to assist the local Radio Stations to access educative materials and News online through our media center and streamline their broadcast online to reach a wider coverage. We will also partner with educational institution to provide lectures to distant learners through online live conferencing.

# RCN has plans to create an avenue for the Rural Communities to demand Services from the Service providers and accountability leadership from their leaders, as well as connecting willing leaders to provide online connections to address their electorate live at the comfort of their offices.

# The Network provides access to live proceedings in the national and county assemblies where the electorate can follow up on matters affecting their lives.